Essential digital marketing solutions

If you are a professional in tune with the market and consumer trends, you certainly already work on digital marketing solutions in your company, based on consistent planning. So, you’ve been doing the “beans with rice” without much difficulty, right?

For professionals like you, the challenges today have less to do with digital presence and more to do with results. In other words, you seek solutions that can promote the generation of qualified leads, increased conversion rate and improved sales performance.

Check below, three digital marketing solutions essential to your company:

Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that seeks to create a communication channel with a target audience, offering content of your interest. It is also known as Attraction Marketing exactly because of its way of acting.

In other words, instead of “pushing” an advertisement, interrupting the consumer, it attracts him, offering something valuable: knowledge. This attitude generates confidence in the company, opening the way for the presentation of solutions.

This marketing strategy generates time savings and increases the ROI of the actions because it works not only the quantity of leads, but also its quality. Its process consists in attracting, converting, selling and enchanting – for this, it is necessary to go through all the stages of the purchasing funnel. Let’s see how?

  • Top of the funnel

Learning and discovery: at this beginning of the journey, the persona is in search of solving a problem. Thus, the contents indicated here are those easy to consume, such as blog posts and social networks, videos and infographics.

  • Half of the funnel

Consideration and intention: after understanding your problem, the persona seeks a solution. This is a very important step, because although the potential customer is not yet ready for the purchase, a good work here almost always guarantees the next step in the right direction.

  • Funnel bottom

Evaluation and decision: now the consumer already knows what he needs and will choose the company with the best solution. Although it seems that the game is already won, make no mistake! Keeping a strong and consistent presence on this stage is what will guarantee the conversion.

Automation tools

Marketing automation is one of the digital marketing solutions that will probably bring the most consistent results for your company and will certainly change your productivity level. If you already have a consistent customer email base, a good lead capture system and a considerable volume of data to manage, it’s time to think about it. See the benefits of this:

  • Save time

The marketing automation, obviously, does not dispense with the performance of professionals. The human intelligence is that will define the strategies, configure the flows of nutrition, parameterize the Lead Scoring, among other tasks. But after this initial phase and with the tools doing the operational part, marketing professionals can take care of strategies and results analysis.

  • Lead Management

Lead Scoring, cited in the previous topic, is a qualification and lead prioritization technique to identify those who are most ready for conversion. It works through a scoring system, and the complete automation systems have criteria and weights based on the company’s results history.

  • Report Generation

With so much information contained in the systems, these software produces consistent reports that can be generated automatically – or, in the case of the more complex tools, be customized according to your company’s needs.

Social Networks

Even though it is not a novelty in digital marketing, social networks are reinvented all the time, so it is necessary to keep an eye on them. If used well, they add value to your strategy and deliver relevant results.

The use of chatbots for SAC 2.0 on social networks has also experienced a large increase in the last year and, everything indicates a consolidation of these movements that began. Check it out!

  • Artificial Intelligence

If marketing automation is already a reality and a necessity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) only adds up. This technology will allow to test simultaneously hundreds of variations of ads in social networks, which will automatically increase the distribution of the best publications.

  • The return of the QR Code

Now, just point the iPhone camera at the code and it is already activated. This makes it easy to use and puts it back in the game – especially if you take into account that 700 million iPhone owners have a scanner at hand.

Thus, the use of this code on social networks with creativity, intelligence and strategy will allow you to create interactions that extrapolate the virtual world, generating valuable experiences between users and brands.

  • The rise of the “cloud

Since the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft, corporations in the software market have awakened to improve networking and social resources and stay in the game.

Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, and Oracle have been investing in improving their marketing clouds with social networking capabilities. The result is platforms that will increase productivity and produce personalized content on digital media, increasing conversion power and results.

  • Network Shopping

Instagram and Facebook implemented features that allow the user to buy through social networks. The functionality in Instagram resembles a virtual store. On Facebook, the Marketplace can be compared to a classified space, since it is widely used by individuals.

Finally, these were 3 of the main digital marketing solutions that have emerged in recent years. Now that you know them better, just apply them in your company!