Digital solutions for small businesses

With increasingly demanding consumers, small businesses also need to invest in solutions that improve their services and the customer’s shopping experience.

The food sector has been one of the hardest hit since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, a second wave of the disease once again ignites an alert for businesses that were gradually resuming their activities.

Small businesses feel the impact of the economic crisis even more significantly. No matter how many movements that stimulate consumers to give preference to small businesses have gained strength, entrepreneurs must be prepared to compete with the big networks.

This means, among other things, being adept at digital solutions that improve customers’ shopping experience. After all, as much as they have good will, not all of them are willing to invest their money in a business that has stopped in time.

Do you want to know digital solutions to implement now in your small business? Check out what we prepared for you in the article below:

1 → Marketplace and logistics (DM)

What if you could combine the convenience of the marketplace with a technology that helps the logistics of delivery of your orders? That’s what the Delivery Much app does.

DM’s marketplace works like an online shopping mall: the customer accesses the app and finds at his disposal several store options with just a few clicks. This is a strategy that helps bring visibility to your business without you having to make large investments in marketing and advertising.

The stores registered in the platform can also manage the logistics of delivery of orders made through the app. And as we have seen here on the blog, a good delivery service can be a great competitive differential.

The ease of use of the app, the increased demand for food delivery and the constantly growing user base have helped stores across the country.

2 → Social Networks

Every entrepreneur knows that having a presence on social networks is important to bring potential and current customers closer to the business. At a time when we still need to stay away from each other, this kind of connection is fundamental. But sharing images without a defined strategy for each channel or without any regularity can end up being a waste of time and resources.

Small businesses can turn to platforms that help manage social networks, such as Mlabs. Besides making it easy to schedule posts for several channels in one place, the tool also allows you to interact with followers in comments and by direct messages.

Through Mlabs it’s also possible to have access to full reports so you understand how the pages are performing (such as their growth, engagement and reach). By thinking strategically, you can better target your efforts and increase conversion into sales.

3 → Food service management

Food service management can be a challenge. Each sale involves several operations and its structure must be prepared for each one. Will the client consume on site? Will you withdraw to take home or have opted for delivery? Is it possible to work with orders? How is your stock managed?

These are just some of the questions that the managers of this type of business need to answer, be it small or large. Solutions for foodservice help you in the integrated management and organization of your operations, so you can guarantee the success of your customers.

The platform also offers specific alternatives for each type of establishment, regardless of size, segment or region of operation. This is essential, since each business has specific needs and what works for one may not work for another (a pizza rotation has different demands from a bakery, for example).

4 → Payment solutions

Finally, a digital business needs to have effective and secure solutions when it comes to payment. It is necessary to be prepared both for customers who pay at the salon and for those who request the machine at the time of delivery or even for those who make a purchase with payment on your site.

Not having the proper technology is a failure that does not always cost a sale, but can undoubtedly negatively influence the customer experience. In a time of pandemic, when businesses are already more fragile and need all possible support, investments in customer loyalty should be considered.

Digital solutions have the purpose to stimulate entrepreneurship in the interior of the country and help entrepreneurs with the daily challenges of small businesses. The tool gathers several solutions for the small entrepreneur, from card machines for physical business to solutions for those who have a virtual store, such as payment with bill and card.