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Speno, Senator Edward J., 1920-1971. Papers, 1935-1973

Edward J. Speno was born on September 23, 1920 in Syracuse, New York. He moved to Nassau in 1949 and became involved in Republican politics. He married wife Audrey and they had four children: Edward Jr., Sara Rose, Thomas, and Amy.

Speno was a New York State Senator from 1954-1971. As Senator and as Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Transportation, he focused on improvements in mass transportation, automobiles and traffic safety in New York State. In addition, he enacted legislation in the areas of public health and educational funding. Speno died in Albany, N.Y., on February 17, 1971.

The collection is comprised of biographical information about Senator Speno; correspondence; constituent requests; subject files on transportation, public health and educational funding; correspondence, administrative papers, and records of public hearings and meetings of the Joint Legislative Committee on Transportation; public statements and press releases; legislation, and twenty five scrapbooks.