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Post Family Collection, 1796-1935

The bulk of this collection is comprised of letters written to Long Island Quaker abolitionists Joseph and Mary Post between 1838 and 1888. Notable correspondents include the following: Lucretia Mott, abolitionist and women’s rights leader; Isaac Post (Joseph’s brother), abolitionist and spiritualist; Rev. George Truman; and Cyrus Peirce. Topics discussed are slavery, the Civil War, Christianity, Friends’ Meetings, theological matters, and general everyday life. Also included in the collection are artifacts, engravings, genealogy documents, general print materials, indentures, Monthly Meeting testimonies, pamphlets, photographic prints, poems, receipts, silhouette prints, sketches, song lyrics, survey diagrams, and a family photo album.

Particularly noteworthy items include the following: a photographic print of abolitionist Mary H. (Post) Hallowell (daughter of Isaac Post), whose home in Rochester, NY, was a stop on the Underground Railroad; a framed silhouette print of the famous Quaker preacher, Elias Hicks; a framed engraving of Lucretia Mott; and indentures related to the sale of land in Merrick as well as other locations. Also notable are photographic prints of Joseph Post, Mary Post, Esther Robbins, Willet S. Robbins, Mary Willis, Henry Willis, and Isaac Post.