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Binnian, Jacqueline Collection, 1923-2004

Jacqueline Binnian dedicated over 40 years of her life to the preservation of the environment of the North Shore of Long Island. She founded and/or was a member of numerous groups, including Concerned Citizens for 25A, Alliance for the Preservation of Coindre Hall Park, and ACTION. Her greatest passion, however, was the preservation of trustee lands in the Town of Huntington, a cause she remained dedicated to until her death in 2005.

Collection includes correspondence, news clippings, newsletters, minutes of meetings, photographs, maps, resolutions, land indentures, books, periodicals and other published materials, reports, agendas, public notices, drafts, notes, audio and video recordings, blueprints and plans, by-laws, articles of incorporation, government documents, address lists, contact information, budget reports, town code, proposals, federal and state legislation, promotional materials, public statements, press releases and ephemera.