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DREx April 2018 — Digital Education

Hofstra’s Digital Research Center (DRC) will hold its annual Digital Research Exchange (DREx), at Hofstra University’s Guthart Cultural Center Theater (Axinn Library) and Mack Hall (University Club), on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, from 11:10 am to 4pm.

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DREx is an annual gathering of New York, Tristate, and Long Island digital humanists, archivists, librarians, scholars, and teachers to discuss issues confronting the discipline and to consider opportunities for mutual development and future engagement. Our topic this year is “Digital Education.” Our keynote speaker is Julia Flanders, Director of Digital Scholarship, Northeastern University. She will speak on “Working Spaces as Learning Spaces: Experiential Pedagogy in Digital Humanities,” at Guthart Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library.

Following a luncheon for participants and attendees at Hofstra’s Mack Hall, our DREx Symposium will focus on “Experiential Pedagogy: Archive and Classroom.” Our panelists will share ideas and strategies at their respective institutions. They are Alison Booth and Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia; Wyn Kelley and Kurt Fendt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Ethna Lay and Adam Sills, Hofstra University. John Bryant, Director of Hofstra DRC and Melville Electronic Library, will moderate.

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