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DRC Forum

We sponsor conferences, speakers, workshops, and other events, including our annual DRExChange, on the campus of Hofstra University to promote digital communities, scholarship, critical thinking, and learning.


March 23rd, Hofstra University

Held each spring, DRExChange is Hofstra’s annual digital scholarship conference, devoted to exploring areas of research, development, and pedagogy of mutual interest among regional, national, and international digital communities. It is sponsored by Hofstra’s DRC Forum.

Our inaugural DREx gathering, on 23 March 2016, begins with Hofstra’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture, titled “Hofstra’s Digital Research Center (DRC): Tools for Building Scholarship in the Humanities,” delivered by DRC Director and Professor Emeritus of English John Bryant, Associate Professor of English Adam Sills, and Professor of Law Vern Walker.

After luncheon at the University Club, DRC Associates and guests are invited to attend our DREx Symposium: Digital Scholarship and Affiliation in New York, with featured speakers from the New York City region: Deena Engel (NYU), Matthew Gold (CUNY), Alexander Gil Fuentes (Columbia), Elyse Graham (Stony Brook), David Hoover (NYU), Kimon Keramidas (NYU), Marion Thain (NYU), Ben Vershbow (NYPL Digital Lab), and Jennifer Vinopal (NYU).

Please join us at the following venues and times:

11:15am-12:40pm. (Guthart Cultural Center Theater)
Distinguished Faculty Lecture.

1pm. (University Club) Luncheon.

2-4pm. (University Club)
Symposium: Digital Scholarship and Affiliation in New York

Past Events

Digital Thinking/Critical Thinking: Building the Humanities at Hofstra

Hofstra University

This two-day conference focuses on how to create a Digital Research Center (DRC) at Hofstra that will enable faculty and students to develop digital solutions to critical and scholarly problems. Panels will explore strategies for interactive and collaborative research, integrating scholarship and pedagogy through online digital tools, and the DRC’s proposed scholarly websites. Workshops will acquaint participants with MIT’s Annotation Studio (annotation) and other HyperStudio tools, as well as with Hofstra’s TextLab (editing revision).