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Tracking Coyote: Trickster Myths and Trapper’s Tales

A critical archive of myths about the Native American Coyote and tales collected from animal trappers, who attempted to contain and in some cases eradicate the coyote in the 19th and 20th centuries.

DRC Forum

Building communities interested in pursuing digital scholarship and learning.

Our annual DRExChange is at Hofstra University on March 23rd.

Reasoning Structures in Legal Texts

The RSLT project uses a version of HyperStudio’s Annotation Studio, adapted at Hofstra, to highlight and categorize reasoning structures in legal texts, primarily in judicial and administrative decision-making.

The Melville Electronic Library

This born-digital critical archive features fluid-text editions of all versions of all Melville’s writings, created with TextLab, an interactive tool for the editing of works in revision, developed with NEH funding at Hofstra University.

“A Frightful Number!”: Mapping Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year

“A Frightful Number” uses data culled from Daniel Defoe’s “creative non-fiction” Journal of the Plague Year and from historical sources to track the spread of the 1665 London Plague. Created with DRC”s innovative mapping tool Itinerary, the site annotates the epidemic’s progress month by month, parish by parish.